When I tell people about the unique way I create, they share how the art they own marks a particular time in their life. It reminds me of the similar phenomenon that happens with music. A memory from years ago that’s triggered when we hear a song on the radio and immediately we are taken right back as though no time has passed at all.

I believe it is important to consciously anchor significant moments in our lives though the senses. I love that art, a visual sensory trigger, is a way to do that daily with minimal to no effort. I think of it in terms of a subconscious access point interfacing with the present moment. Sometimes it’s sub-perceptual, but the often overlooked narrative running just beneath the surface, the narrative we primarily create from, is accessed and programmed favorably, which can be crucially beneficial.

When you purchase art in conjunction with a special moment, event or time in your life, the fondness of that time period and associated memories are also conjured. In addition to that, when a piece of art is actually created for you with one of these specific milestones in mind, there’s an additional energetic transference imbued in the paint and woven into the fibers of the canvas.

Several of my clients purchase or commission a painting to celebrate a new home, a spiritual awakening, an engagement, a birthday, a marriage (custom couple’s pieces make a great, creative wedding gift), a pregnancy, a new baby, a new office, job or career change, a promotion or a memorable time in their life that feels like a significant transition or pivotal moment that they want to commemorate.

It is such an honor to get to capture the essence of these special moments and distill them onto a canvas.

Naturally I’m biased, so regardless of whether or not you create these anchors with art, I think having totems, if you will, or unique items that bring you joy just by being in their presence, is a really easy and powerful way to raise your vibration and the vibration of a space.

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