“The artist of our generation.”

– Emmy-winning powerhouse media entrepreneur, Natalie MacNeil

“The worlds of art and magic”

Rachel London is a multi-dimensional expressionist who has created a unique experiential niche bridging the worlds of art and magic. She has quickly become a favorite among elite and sophisticated collectors all over the world & was named one of the top emerging artists to watch by Saatchi Art’s Chief Curator.

Meet Rachel

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On a physical level, her style is often likened to that of the legendary Jackson Pollock, though Picasso’s own protege, impressed by her work, asked where she acquired her techniques & was astonished to learn that London has virtually no formal training or previous mentorship, adding, “don’t study under anyone, you have incredible talent.”

On an energetic level, her work is informed by tapping into a flow state where she channels from etheric realms, creating physical portals to higher vibrational frequencies.

Rachel’s background

London started as an art major in college after her high school art teacher lauded her the best student she’d ever taught, though the rigidity of the art education seemed daunting rather than expansive and she switched majors.

Years later, after spending time as a TV & film actress and number one charting singer/songwriter, she rediscovered her love of painting.

“It was as though something in my heart had been cracked open.”

Having spent years studying spirituality, occult symbolism, ancient cultures and tapping more into her own intuitive abilities, an entirely new hybridized creative platform was born.

Her collectors attest to the paintings being able to provide intense levels of healing. Some have even said that looking at their commissioned piece ignited a DNA activation and past life soul remembrance. London attributes this to the phenomenon she calls, “ocular subconscious transference.”

People began calling me and telling me I was creating portals.

I started receiving calls that my art was healing them in ways they hadn’t previously been able to access. I felt as though I was channeling from the ethers to bring forth energetic imprints that have the ability to create transformation by reaching the subconscious through eye connection. I witnessed so many people brought to tears time and again looking at my work. I really believe there is something beyond me creating through me and I love being a muse medium.”

The magic of creating something unique happens

One of the standout characteristics of her work is the ability to create profound emotional response through an intentionally curated subconscious connection.

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