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– Saatchi Art’s Chief Curator

Hi, I’m Rachel

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I’m a multi-dimensional artist creating original and custom paintings that are often described as “high vibrational portals.” My work embodies a cosmically inclined aesthetic & energy as I am intrinsically seduced by the idea of bridging the seen & unseen worlds in my art. As a channel for this, I believe it is my responsibility to bring forth work that reflects a sense of purity & grounded integrity, which is why I consciously curate every detail of my creative process.

The Unique Process Behind My Work

Bridging the worlds of art and magic

On a physical level, my style is often likened to that of Jackson Pollock. On an energetic level, my work is informed by tapping into a flow state where I can channel from etheric realms to create physical portals to higher vibrational frequencies.

Vibrational Vision Casting

Prior to beginning a piece, a seed level intention is set to create additional layers of depth and connection. For custom commissions, this is done during a “magic & manifestation” video call or one-on-one session in person.

Selecting Materials

Each piece calls for something a little different, which is why unique materials such as rain water, rose water, Peruvian holy water, sage, cedar & palo santo are incorporated.

Ceremonial Creativity

Each painting has a particular resonance. The water, paints and canvas are all “tuned” through sound healing frequencies and the space is prepared by playing a tibetan singing bowl.


During the painting process, messages come through regarding the energy of what’s embodied in the piece. For originals I share these more broad transmissions. For custom work, the received downloads tend to be more specific.

What They’re Saying

Miranda May Luebkeman

“I commissioned a custom piece from Rachel as a wedding gift to my husband. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate and commemorate our marriage. Rachel captured our energies perfectly. We love that our painting serves as a reminder of the expression of our love.”

- Miranda May Luebkeman, Planet Palm Creative


- Miranda May Luebkeman, Planet Palm Creative

Carrie Kraus Kiedrowski

“I have never seen something more perfect than the piece Rachel created for me. Her talent is beyond comprehension.”

Carrie Kraus Kiedrowski, Partner at Jones Day


Carrie Kraus Kiedrowski, Partner at Jones Day

Devin Salinas

“I love my painting so much! It is perfect in every way and the process of working on it with Rachel was a great experience.”

- Devin Salinas, Financial Advisor


- Devin Salinas, Financial Advisor

Anna Naturalista

"Rachel's artistry instantly soothes and inspires me. Her works are like magical portals that take us through & between dimensions. I feel these creations are meant to be shared as ethereal access around the world!”

- Anna Naturalista, Ancient Wisdom Expert


- Anna Naturalista, Ancient Wisdom Expert

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